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About Us

Our Story

The Buckin' Good Brownie Bites™ Low Sugar Horse Treats story began with a special horse who had a severe sugar and starch intolerance due to Insulin Resistance, leading to a life threatening case of laminitis. His owner (our founder), worked closely with a seasoned team of veterinarians and specialists to formulate a diet with the lowest sugar and starch levels possible in order to ensure his safety.

His owner had to overcome several challenges in order to offer him feed and treats that were harmless and wouldn’t result in another laminitic episode.  

She discovered there was a lack of low sugar treats on the market with ‘safe’ levels of sugar and carbs to meet his strict dietary requirements, or what was available, was full of hidden foreign additives, hard to pronounce and with unknown side effects (ex.  Sodium Bentonite – an additive used for sealing stock ponds and sewage lagoons).  

This is when Buckin' Good Brownie Bites™ Low Sugar, Low Starch Horse Treats was born. Our founder worked tirelessly on different low sugar, low starch formulas using only the highest quality, simple, 100% all-natural healthy ingredients, until the perfect low sugar, low starch recipe was discovered. Through a proprietary manufacturing and baking process, Buckin' Good Brownie BitesLow Sugar Horse Treats have been professionally lab tested and proven to be the lowest, all-natural, low sugar and low carb treat on the market so you can treat safely without the worry.  

Their Health, Our Priority

Have a sensitive keeper?  We understand.

Buckin' Good Brownie Bites™ Low Sugar Horse Treats not only meet the strictest sugar and carb requirements, they are also packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  Many of our valued customers refer to them as a treat supplement. 

Your horse's wellbeing is our highest priority, you have our commitment.  


Paying it Forward


Giving Back is Our Duty

A portion of every purchase from Buckin' Good Brownie Bites™ Low Sugar, Low Starch Horse Treats is donated to laminitis research.