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My Horses Love These Treats!

"My horses love these treats.  One of my horses is IR and it was difficult to find a treat that was safe to feed him until I found Brownie Bites.  These treats are also great when doing stretches." - Lori H.


What Our Customer's Are Saying


Absolutely the Best, Healthiest Treat Going

 "I have a draft cross and he loves these treats!  I have to watch the sugar content and have advertised these in our barn, especially when spring grass starts coming in. I give this product an A++. He loves both the cinnamon and the peppermint.  Whatever you produce, I will be purchasing!"  - Debbie N. 

They Are a Hit!

 "I purchased two containers of Brownie Bites™ (1 of each flavor) to see if my metabolically challenged Morgan would like them.  They were a hit!" - Chris L. 

My Metabolic Horse Loves Buckin' Good Brownie Bites™!

 "Finally, a healthy treat he can enjoy and is no longer left out when the rest of the herd gets snacks." - Jodi R.

Like Them Better Than Their Feed

"Whenever I go out to the barn and my horses hear the container of Buckin' Good Brownie Bites™ shake, they go crazy!  I'm certain they like them better than their feed." - Kim L.

My Horses Love Buckin' Good Brownie Bites!

"I have miniatures and have to constantly monitor their diet. I can give them the Brownie Bites™ without having to worry about too much sugar or processing. Since my gelding has had ulcers before, I don't have to worry that giving him treats is going to make his stomach upset. I highly recommend this product!!" - Kathy T 

My Picky Horses Absolutely LOVE These Treats!

"One of my horses prefers cinnamon and the other prefers peppermint.  I love that I'm not giving them a sugar hit and they smell great too!"  - Jenelle B.


Finally, A Treat My Senior Horse Can Eat

"My senior Arabian mare has soft teeth and cannot eat most low sugar treats on the market because they are too hard to chew.  I was so happy to find Buckin' Good Brownie Bites , finally a treat she can eat and I don't have to worry about high sugar & starch!" - Sandy N. 

Very Enthusiastic!

"The horses seem to think that Buckin' Good Brownie Bites  are quite special and they approve.  They also liked samples of peppermint-flavored Brownie Bites and banana-flavored Brownie Bites." - Mary S. 

Finally, a TRUE Low Sugar Treat!

"Finally, a true low sugar & starch treat my horses can enjoy backed up by a manufacturer who tests their product for safe sugar/starch levels twice a year.  It's apparent they truly care about their customers. THANK YOU Lowsugarhorsetreats.com for offering a high quality, extra low sugar treat for my metabolically challenged horse - a customer for life!" - Rhonda K. 

Mini's Love Them!

 "Fastest response I have ever had on questions they email. Product was shipped immediately and mini's love them. Thank you for good customer service."  - Joni O. 

Paying it Forward


Giving Back is Our Duty

A portion of every purchase from Buckin' Good Brownie Bites™ Low Sugar, Low Starch Horse Treats is donated to laminitis research.