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What Happy Customer's Are Saying - Continued



"My Gelding is IR and I have to be careful with his food.  I do like to train using treats.  Especially when I’m teaching him something new.  These are so perfect for that. They are small enough to fit several in my pocket, and he loves them!!! They are also light and airy in texture, so his mouth doesn’t get clogged up with food even if he has a bit in his mouth.  My dog loves them as well.  Customer service is awesome to boot! These are by far the best training treats I’ve ever used." - Sabra A.

Yummy Banana & Love the Big Refill Bags!

"Both of my horses really like the new banana flavor, and I like the smell. I love that I can reward my horse with PPID/Cushings with these tasty nuggets and not worry about triggering a laminitis episode.  

One of my horses really likes the cinnamon treats, and I love the way they make my pockets smell like cinnamon. I decant from the big bag into my smaller container jar, which keeps the treats in the bag fresher by not opening it as often and I don't feel like I'm wasting a lot of plastic by buying many jars.  Thank you!" - Jenelle B.

Treating Without the Guilt

"My horses love them and I feel good about giving them to my insulin resistant/metabolic syndrome horses without the guilt." - Lenora Y. 

Picky TB a Big Fan!

"My very picky TB is a big fan as well as my not-so-picky Friesian, Warmblood, and Anglo-Arab." - Linda B. 

My Horses Love These Treats

"My horses love these treats. They stay in one piece in my pocket and they are crunchy without being hard to chew." - Dawn W. 

They Love the New Banana Flavor

"My horses love bananas and they love Buckin Good Brownie Bites,

so this new flavor is perfect for them!! "  - Kathy T.